Kubota Turf Fleet Program




Kubota Fleet Program is a comprehensive program designed for lawn-care professionals.* The program aims to help you be successful and allow you to focus on the other parts of your business.

The Kubota Fleet Rewards loyalty program is designed for commercial customers with businesses of all sizes. When a commercial landscaper purchases Kubota turf equipment, he/she is eligible for a fleet discount. When more equipment is purchased, the customer receives a greater discount and longer period of time to purchase additional units at the fleet price.


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“Thank You for Your Service” Program


Because Kubota appreciates your service, all Military/Police/Fire (Current or Retired) may receive Premium Fleet benefits.**

All NALP members are qualified for elite fleet status. 

Kubota is Proud to be a Member of NALP and NHLA

NALP and NHLA are committed to the Success of Landscape and Lawn-Care Professionals. All NALP members are qualifies for ELITE Fleet status. All NHLA members are qualified for PREMIUM Fleet status. All members of equine associations are qualified for PREMIUM Fleet Status.


National Hispanic Landscape AllianceNational Association of Landscape Professionals



Fleet Qualifications

 Standard FleetPremium FleetElite Fleet
 Number of Units 1-23-67+ 
Additional Unit Purchase Time 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 

2019 Customer Discount Per Unit

 Standard Fleet
1-2 Units
Premium Fleet
3-6 Units
Elite Fleet
7+ Units
CWB (21")$50$50$50
CWB (36" - 52")$200$300$400
Z400 All$400$600$800
SZ All$500$700$1,000
Z700 All$500$700$1,000
ZG200 / ZG300$500$700$1,000
ZD200 / ZD1000$500$700$1,000
ZD300 / ZD1200$800$1,000$1,400
F Series All$1,600$1,900$2,200



*Kubota Fleet Rewards will only be given to for-profit commercial mowing professionals. See your local participating dealer for qualifying details. Kubota Tractor Corporation reserves the right to change the stated terms without notice.
**Kubota will recognize and honor Premium fleet pricing for Commercial Customers who are veterans or currently serve in the United States Military (Army/Navy/Marines/Air Force/National Guard/Coast Guard). We will also offer the same special fleet pricing for those who protect and serve our communities (Current or Retired Police Officers, Firefighters , First Responders/EMT).
1. Fleet discounts on implements/accessories are applicable only if implements/accessories are purchased along with the Zero Turn Mowers or Walk-behind Mowers.